B3 and NYC Coin Move Sharply Higher Over Weekend


(NEW YORK)–B3Coin ($B3) saw its price spike on Sunday on news they will be releasing new website and rebranding campaign on Jan. 9th, 2018.

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B3 Coin announced earlier today that they will be releasing their new Website & Rebrand on Tuesday, Jan. 09, 2018 at 9am EST. This news sent B3 coin up nearly 400% on Sunday trading to around $0.00000157 per coin, according to YoBit exchange.

B3 Coin has been one of the most active traded on YoBit Exchange on Sunday.

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B3 Coin aims to create the most profitable and rewarding Proof of Stake Coin in the Crypto world. They are working on new developments, and have active developers, designers and dedicated support that believe in the future of B3.

Another coin making moves over the weekend is NYC Coin ($NYC), which saw its volume rise sharply on January 6th to hit $2,000,000 USD in just 24 hours.

From their website the company posted “On January 5th, 2018 the NYC “cheapies” were completely eliminated from the market and replaced by “expensive-ies” priced above 1 satoshi! FINALLY clearing out the NYC “sell wall”. This historic event for NYC is being celebrated and within 24 hours NYC is now trading at 3 satoshis AND IS CLIMBING THE SATOSHI LADDER!”

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