PAC Coin Spikes Nearly 290% as New Crypto Coin Play


(NEW YORK)--PAC Coin sees its price spike nearly 290% as traders begin flock to this news crypto currency coin.

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PAC Coin saw its price spike nearly 300% to a price of $0.00001477 per coin late on Wednsday.

In the fall of 2017, a new DEV team formed to revived the coin with a new purpose & direction, and has been successfully re-branded as the ‘People’s Alternative Choice’ coin.

Restructuring to Increase Retail Interest

The current coin supply is around 3.3 Trillion, or around 3.3% of the total supply of 100 Trillion that was originally designed.  When PAC is restructured the new design will move the number of coins to 100 Billion coins.  The Company stated that this new coin design structure will allow PAC to be traded on several other exchanges instead of stuck trading against lower valuation coins.

This restructring, and planned launch of new featurs starting in the new year has crypto traders rushing into this coin.

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On Feb 1, 2017, traders will have an early opportunity to purchase a master-node for 2 Billion PAC.  This will allow the network to be secured before the launch March 1st of the coin redemption begins.

The first major community project will be to launch a social network focused on the four ‘C’s above – the Alpha for this will be launched on Jan 1st.

Currently the new DEV team is working behind the scenes on the new PacCoin.  The new PacCoin road-map is being discovered by the new DEV team and the community and will be relaunched shortly around Feb 1st/2018.

There is also a bigger focus being placed on PacCoin building its momentum after this fork to be a top 50 coin in the Cryptosphere.

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