Epazz (EPAZ) Rallies on Bitcoin Wallet Download News


(NEW YORK)–Epazz, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EPAZ) saw its stock rally on news regarding ZenaPay Bitcoin wallet downloads.

EPAZ announced that the company’s ZenaPay Bitcoin wallet has been downloaded more than 20,000 times since its launch in the Android Play Store.

Best Trader Tool Around

The company is working on supporting Litecoin in future releases of ZenaPay. Litecoin is working on technology that will make point-of-sale (POS) transactions faster and simpler. This will further ZenaPay’s goal of providing a payment solution that will greatly reduce the cost of credit card transaction fees for merchants.

Bitcoin Tracking App

EPAZ also announced they had acquired the IOS app Bitcoin Charts that provides live trading data of cryptocurrencies on the IOS platform. The company will combine their newly acquired CryptoFolio with the Bitcoin Charts IOS app to create the ultimate live cryptocurrency trading app. The combined app will be available on both the App Store and Android Play Store. Epazz will be translating the app into 10 different languages.

Another small cap play moving in same direction is AppSwarm, Inc (OTCMKTS:SWRM), which recently launched its Bitchart tracking app, with portfolio tracking feature as well. http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/swrm/quote

SWRM is also developing a digital Bitcoin wallet with USA Real Estate Holding (OTCMKTS:USTC), and a mobile Bitcoin payment platform together with SinglePoint (OTCMKTS:SING).

Bitcoins recent pull back had took a lot of the air out of the Bitcoin mania from December, but coming off its lows around $6000 Bitcoin may have found a price floor, and thus could spell a renewed interest and potential rally in Bitcoin plays such as EPAZ and SWRM.

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About Epazz, Inc.

Epazz, Inc. specializes in enterprise cryptocurrency blockchain mobile apps and cloud business process software, with more than 500 repeat customers. The new Bitcoin mobile app is a financial technology company that offers unique software that allows consumers to acquire Bitcoin at the point of sale. The consumer can then use the cryptocurrency or digital currency to make a purchase at the store with ease. Epazz technology makes it easy to convert legacy systems into cloud business process software, for which the company then charges an annual subscription fee. Epazz has acquired 11 software companies that have converted or are in the process of converting their legacy software products to cloud software using Epazz technology. Epazz then markets the new cloud-based solutions to new and existing customers. www.epazz.com

About AppSwarm

AppSwarm, Inc. is a technology development and incubation company focused in accelerating the development of mobile applications and technology, fast-tracking product to market. AppSwarm partners with application developers through joint ventures, royalty agreements, marketing partnerships, and outright purchase agreements. www.app-swarm.com


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