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: March 9, 2018

AppSwarm (SWRM) Appoints Game Develoment Veteran to Company

(NEW YORK)--AppSwarm, Corp (OTC: SWRM) appoints game technology veteran Tammy McDonald, who has worked with likes of Sony Computers Entertainment of America, as their new head of game development, and chief technology advisor.

The Company recently appointed veteran game developer Tammy McDonald as its new head of Media Play in move that dramatically increases SWRM valuation prospects as a real game development company.

Game Development Background

Tammy McDonald is also the CEO of Axis Game Factory, a video game software, production and tool development company, where she personally handle all business development, product strategy, operations, distribution and marketing of the company. To date, her company has sold over 1.5 million units of combined software applications of AGFPRO's suite of nine (9) real-time game creation tools...adding Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to their feature set in 2017.

AGFPRO is a comprehensive tool-set designed to provide game developers and hobbyists with a powerful and rapid level creation, terrain/vegetation editing, lighting and atmosphere system. AGF is a standalone product, designed to work in concert with the Free and Pro versions of the Unity 5 game engine. AGF PRO runs on the PC, MAC and LINUX systems.

AGF empowers game designers, developers and hobbyists to rapidly create game maps, sculpt terrain and design levels quickly and easily. With over 1,000 assets already stocked in the warehouse, along with 28 pre-set themes and 8 sample maps, developers can begin creating levels in minutes. AGF includes all of the necessary plug-ins, scripts and shaders to allow all Unity5 users the ability to import AGF scenes into Unity5.

AGFPRO's expansive suite of product supports users with a wide variety of genre specific gameplay mechanics, assets and character features and functionality. It's simplistic design allows anyone the ability to instantly begin creating game levels without having to program, model or animate. Key features that include Scene-Linking and Game Packaging enables users to "Build, Play and Share" their creations with anyone to provide endless creation, connectivity and collaboration.

Work with Sony PlayStation

At her other company Heavy Water, Mrs. McDonald transitioned and expanded her business to include the growth and development of interactive social gaming and established a strategic relationship with first party publisher, Sony Computers Entertainment of America (SCEA) on their PlayStation Home network.

Through this relationship, she worked directly with SCEA to architect and develop a unique virtual 3D social gaming platform for gamers to explore, socialize and engage in endless interactive gameplay and unique social experiences. She was directly responsible for creating a majority of the public spaces in PSHome, unique apartments, mini-games, virtual items and complete games on this platform.

Her role was to establish and maintain the relationship with SCEA, negotiate contracts for the ongoing development and design of key locations and gameplay in PlayStation Home, integrate brands and strategic partnerships with significant interactive campaigns, expand development services with other 3rd Party Publishers and brands, create and self publish our own line of known content and manage the day to day studio operations. outsourcing teams and growth strategy of the company.

Through her tenure at PlayStation Home, they established themselves as the leading publisher, creating more content and interactive experiences than any other development studio in the space. Their projects and partners include: SCEA, SCEE, Disney's Epic Mickey 2, Phineas and Ferb and Tron, Marvel's IronMan, Ted Feature Film, Toyota, Ford, Scion, 2K's Top Spin 4 and BioShock 2, Sega's Alpha Protocol and Yakuza, Lucas Art's Star Wars & Monkey Island, Square Enix's Star Ocean, EA Sports, EA's Medal of Honor, Axe, The X-Men Feature Film, Emo Ray,LIttle Big Planet amongst other titles.

Tammy McDonald now brings this depth of experience and expertise to AppSwarm (SWRM).

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