AppSwarm (SWRM) Issued $0.10 Target on Launch of Last Mile Delivery Platform


(NEW YORK) – Ludlow Research, a New York based equity research firm, updated its opinion on AppSwarm, Inc. (OTC: SWRM), with valuation target of $0.05 to $0.10+ per share based on launch of their last mile delivery platform ‘DeliverySwift’.

Report Summary
AppSwarm recently launched their last mile delivery platform DeliverySwift on both Google Play and iTunes, and prepares to grow stores and offer delivery services to several cannabis dispensaries.

The Company is also preparing launch of their mobile carrier service called Deep Sky Mobile. Deep Sky Mobile will offer mobile carrier service for customers very much like the mobile services you may use now to include Phone, Text, and Data.

Their mobile enterprise division would be focused on more advanced mobile solutions such as tracking network for driverless cars, drones, Smart Homes, Smart City’s, IoT, and enterprise networking.

For these reasons Ludlow Research has adjusted its valuation target on SWRM to $0.05 to $0.10 per share, based on roughly 200 million shares outstanding, or a ’speculative’ market valuation projection of $10 to $20 million.

Based on the launch of their last mile delivery platform, and new mobile carrier service, it’s in Ludlow Research opinion that $10 million valuation for this company to be fair when compared to others in the market.

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Last Mile Delivery Platform
DeliverySwift is an On Demand logistics last mile delivery platform that acts as an intermediary between merchants and the prospective buyers who wish to get products from local merchants delivered at their doorstep. DeliverySwift focus is direct to consumer deliveries for such products as groceries, furniture, pharmacies, and small bulk job site materials based on local driver transport capacities.

Drivers can apply online to become Delivery Partners and begin making deliveries in their local area once approved. Becoming a DeliverySwift driver is a great way for individuals to earn extra income, and build a business in their local area, on their own schedule.

Some areas where DeliverySwift may serve are:

Groceries and Produce
Pet Supplies
Furniture or Office Equipment
Supplies for Job and Local Work Sites
Pharmacy Deliveries for Homebound Patients
Cannabis Dispensaries and CBDProducts
Elderly Deliveries and Services

LastMile could be used by smaller mom & pop shops, or specialty retail stores to offer their customers a way to order using their phone, and having their product delivered right to their front door. This could encompass anything from pizza, deli food, or pharmacy products, up to furniture and construction supplies right to the job site.

Valuation of Last Mile Market

Of course DeliverySwift is just a new platform in an every growing market of last mile delivery logistic companies, but just taking a look at the current valuations of some of the other players in the sector you can see the potential DeliverySwift may have.

– UberEats has market value of $20 billion
– GrubHub has market value of $7.1 billion
– DoorDash has market valuation of $4 billion
– Chewy has market value of $4 billion
– Bringg has market value of $1 billion

DeliverySwift currently has a market valuation of only $2 million at a price of $0.01 per share and may be positioned for some dramatic upside potential as the platform is expanded.

AppSwarm is a technology company specializing in the accelerated development and publishing of mobile apps and other software platforms for gaming and business applications and seeks to acquire symmetric business opportunities. AppSwarm partners with and assists other development firms in technology development, business management, and funding needs.

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