Sakthi Global Holdings (OTC:TKCM)

$500 mill merger - TKCM conducts mega merger with auto parts company ABT Auto Investments, which services such customers as General Motors, Ford Motors, Volkswagen, Daimler, PSA, Volvo, Toyota, Renault-Nissan, BMW, Volvo and many others.

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Real Brands, Inc.


Cannabis Infused Products - Real Brands upcoming ecommerce website will support online sales of smokable, edible, and topical CBD Derived Hemp based products for each of their brands: CBD Pharmacy™, Omegahemp™, Hempaid®, and Humboldt Brands®

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Hammer Fiber Optics

WirelessFiber/5G - This pre 5G play trading under $1.00 is launching wireless telecom service in Africa, Caribbean, and Jamaica. As larger telecom players start launching their 5G service across the globe look for HMMR to become possible acquisition target for a bigger player

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High Tech

AI VentureTech to Utilize VectorSpace AI for Development of Finance and Medical Applications

(NEW YORK)– AI VentureTech, Inc. announces collaboration with Vectorspace AI (IDEX:VXV) for the development of applications within the finance and biomedical research sectors. Vectorspace AI Platform is powered by context-controlled Natural Language Processing (NLP) and facilitated by cryptocurrency transactions. A single trend represented by a concept, keyword, hashtag, URL or news story can represent a […]



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