4 Face Mask Stocks to Trade in COVID-19 Outbreak


(NEW YORK)–As COVID-19 cases hit records in several US now may be time to revisit face mask and PPE providers for possible trades as more businesses mandate their use.

With more and more cities and large retail chains now requiring face masks in effort to control the renewed outbreak of coronavirus cases traders may want to look to face mask providers as a trade going into the fall cold and flu season.

Add in President Trump finally throwing support behind face masks this sector could be primed to run in the coming weeks.

Below are 4 face mask stocks traders should watch

Alpha Pro Tech (APT)

The postive news from LAKE helped spill over to this other popular face mask and PPE provider, Alpha Pro Tech. In April, APT saw its stock soared after seeing an “exponential” jump in orders even into 2021.

Ludlow Research made note to their subscribers that LAKE positive earnings, positive demand for face masks and PPE, and increased cases of COVID-19 in Western US could put APT in-play in the short-term. The firm issued a speculative target fo $20+ based on growing cases of COVID-19, strong product demand outlook, and potential increase in retail demand from traders.

Lakeland Industries (LAKE)

Lakeland recently saw its stock soar after reporting that sales and profits for their protective gear remained strong amid the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. Now with data showing a new spike in Coronavirus cases in several US states the outlook for demand for PPE may have only increased that much more.

Lakeland CEO Charles Roberson commented that, “Our fiscal 2021 first quarter performance was extraordinary with record setting financial results that validate our belief that owning our own manufacturing and having a resilient supply chain are essential to being a global leader in the PPE (personal protection equipment) market.”


GTXO recently announce that the Company’s GPS SmartSole and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products were now available for purchase on the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule. As a member of the SoCal Bio Partnership for Pandemics Countermeasure Taskforce, GTXO is using its extensive manufacturing experience to source and distribute U.S. Food and Drug Administration (‘FDA’) and European CE mark certified PPE across its wide network of channel partners in order to make available products that are in high demand.

Edison Nation (EDNT)

Edison Nation Medical, a division of Edison Nation, Inc., is pleased to announce their commitment to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, by focusing on the crucial need for PPE in schools and universities across the country. Edison Nation Medical has established a sustainable infrastructure to provide a steady supply of masks, gloves, face shields, desk guards, sanitizer solution and proprietary sanitizer stands. In addition to the standard 3-ply and surgical masks, the Company is able to provide Made in the USA custom fabric masks.

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