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Since 1998, we have been providing a platform and media coverage of small cap stocks to better fill the gap of this sometimes over looked sector. We encourage companies seeking to gain greater news exposure on their story to contact us to see how we can assist them in getting the media exposure they deserve.

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About Trader Madness

Trader Madness is a social network of investors and traders focused on the small cap equity market. Located in New York City, Trader Madness has been providing news coverage and media awareness services for both public and private companies since 1998. Trader Madness offers a wide-range of services to assist public companies, and investor relation professionals, in helping build awareness for their recent news announcements, or earnings reports to our ever growing network of individual and institutional investors. www.tradermadness.com 




Journalism Students

We will provide our platform for students at some of New York City's top journalism schools to contribute financial content and opinions as they embark out into the new era of digital journalism.

Are you a financial journalism student in NYC looking to contribute?

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