AES Discusses their AI ‘Conversion’ Technology


(NEW YORK)–Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. (“AES”) (OAL:XE, AES:BH), a developer of artificial intelligence technology solutions for financial, healthcare and other enterprises, conducts interview with to discuss their artificial intelligence (AI), and how it can help increase customer “conversion” for companies both online and offline.

Customer ‘Conversion’ Technology

AES provides advanced technology in the areas of artificial intelligence to banks and financial institutions, health organizations and other enterprises. The Company’s patented Psychographic Conversion™ technology uses advanced behavioral psychology, linguistics and artificial intelligence to persuade consumers to action, resulting in better customer experience and conversion.

Their products like PsyBuild Suite and True Suite are designed to improve the customer experience across various sectors, and on a variety digital platforms.

Konowiecki explains in the interview that at Apollo Enterprise Solutions, “we can apply what we call psychographic conversion technology in any sector. It applies in retail, it applies… in healthcare and finance. But it also applies in things like student loans, where you have a default rate of almost 43%, and to give these young people the tools they need online in a safe, nurturing, caring environment – in the privacy of their own home, or wherever they might be – to allow them to do what they want to do.

For industries like banks, financial institutions, and health organizations increased customer “conversion” could mean big money and savings

Artificial Intelligence

Joseph S. Konowiecki, the Chairman and CEO of AES in the interview with commented, “The customer experience is all about you, the personalization of who you are,” said Joseph Konowiecki in a recent interview with broadcast contributor Silvia Davi. Konowiecki explains that the goal at Apollo Enterprise Solutions is to “try to present offers to an individual that are based on who he or she is, including where they live, cultural preferences, etc. and combine that with their financial picture,” in order to motivate them to take action online.

“We use artificial intelligence to emulate the thinking of a brain,” Konowiecki says. “We are motivated in our decision-making process, and we make those decisions entirely on emotion. So we use phraseology and emotion to connect to people and create cohorts around them to emulate that brain working. It’s definitely under artificial intelligence.”

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AES is currently traded on both the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Xetra trading platform under symbol “OAL”, as well as on the Bermuda Stock Exchange under symbol “AES”.

About Apollo Enterprise Solutions, LTD

Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. (AES:BH; OAL:GR), and their AES’ TRUE™ System of products, powered by Psychographic Conversion™ technology, enables healthcare organizations, banks, utilities, merchandisers, and other enterprises to enhance the member, customer and client experience while increasing conversion rates for enrollment, services, and payments. Psychographic Conversion™ uses advanced behavioral psychology, linguistics and artificial intelligence to persuade consumers to take immediate action, at any time, from anywhere using any smart device. The TRUE™ System is available on all continents through third party Certified Systems Integrators and Consultants, supported by AES offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Milan. AES owns one of the largest worldwide portfolios of customer conversion patents.