Apollo Enterprise Solutions Launches Wealth Management Conversion System


(NEW YORK)–Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. (“AES”) (OAL:GR,AES:BH) announced at the Monaco Growth Forum’s Wealth Management Meeting in Dubai, the worldwide launch of its breakthrough TrueWealthManager™ System.

Powered by AES’s patented Psychographic Conversion™ technology, and integrated with the Oracle Wealth Management System, TrueWealthManager™ will increase the ability of Wealth Managers, Family Offices, and Private Bankers to originate and retain High Net Worth Investor clients.

Joseph Konowiecki, the Chairman and CEO of AES commented, “Our TrueWealthManager™ product provides an advantage for small and medium size Asset Managers who, by using our patented Psychographic Conversion™ technologies, should attract many more investors and will make many more informed decisions, while maintaining high quality, impactful communication throughout the working relationship.”

“The Asset Management sector is undergoing a tectonic shift, with clients demanding highly personalized services and a 360-degree view of investment opportunities. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the EU, GCC and Far East, where traditional financial services have given way to bespoke family offices and private asset management boutiques. Supported by Oracle’s global network, AES will be able to deliver its TrueWealthManager™ product affordably, virtually anywhere in the world.”

AES plans to implement its TrueWealthManager™ System in Q2 and will lead the international effort out of its Canary Wharf Financial District office in London.

Apollo Enterprise Soultions, Ltd. is publicly traded on the German Xetra Exchange under the symbol “OAL”

About Apollo Enterprise Solutions, LTD

AES’ TrueConversion™ suite of products, powered by Psychographic Conversion™ Application Software Technology, enables healthcare organizations, banks, utilities, merchandisers, and other enterprises to enhance the member, customer and client experience while increasing conversion rates for enrollment, services, and payments. Psychographic Conversion™ uses advanced behavioral psychology, linguistics and artificial intelligence to persuade consumers to take immediate action, at any time, from anywhere using any smart device. The TrueConversion™ suite of products is available on all continents through third-party Certified Systems Integrators and Consultants, supported by AES offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Milan. AES owns one of the largest worldwide portfolios of customer conversion patents. More information about Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. (AES:BH; OAL:GR) is available at www.aestrue.com


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