Maybe It’s Time to Automate Politicians to History Bin Using AI


(NEW YORK)—With partisan politics seemly putting off the work of the people based on their own political biases could it be time to utilize AI in automating out the politicians when it comes to policy making?

What if we replaced our current politicians with algorithms? That really isn’t that far out of a concept to think about. Algorithms have an ability to look at millions of true or false points in an amazing short period of time, and maybe can be utilized to decide what policies are actually best for the population without the biases of political opinions cloudy up policy direction.

You could have an problem that needs addressing and have an AI program that runs this through a number of check-lists to come up with the simplest and most cost-effective solution such as:

– Does solution solve underlying problem
– Does it adhere to current laws on books
– Is it cost-effective to budget
– What are best paths to solving problem

This could be run with data inputs from such areas as Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and come up with the best solution with the lowest effects on the budget.

This would remove political biases in judgement, and their all to common practice of throwing in their two cents for some pork for their local districts into each bill. For this reason using AI to develop policy would also remove common corruption, and bloated pork blow-ups to fiscal budgets.

This would be bad news for politicians, but great news for American citizens, and future deficit spending.

Start Locally

Now don’t expect machines to take over US Congress anytime soon, but maybe this can be started on the local town and neighborhood level where out of the box AI programs can analysis a municipal or infrastructure issued and come up with best solution on an unbiased basis. Maybe over time this technology can work it’s way up to state, and maybe federal level as at minimum an alternative solution with both sides can’t, or won’t come to a decision.

With both sides, left and right, unwilling to work together to address the simple problems its ordinary citizens need then maybe it’s time to automate them out of business.

Maybe this could be start of automating all biased politics out of society once and for all.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to join us in building such a solution? Follow us here and join the discussion

Thomas Bustamante is the Founder and CEO of AI VentureTech, Inc., which is an AI and Robotics research consulting firm based in New York City.

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