AI VentureTech to Utilize VectorSpace AI for Development of Finance and Medical Applications


(NEW YORK)– AI VentureTech, Inc. announces collaboration with Vectorspace AI (IDEX:VXV) for the development of applications within the finance and biomedical research sectors.

Vectorspace AI Platform is powered by context-controlled Natural Language Processing (NLP) and facilitated by cryptocurrency transactions. A single trend represented by a concept, keyword, hashtag, URL or news story can represent a network of cryptocurrencies or stocks based on their relationship to one another and surrounding context or concepts. This relationship network can represent a tradable token basket of closely related group of stocks that have known and hidden symbiotic, parasitic, and sympathetic relationships. They may trade in a group and fluctuate together being impacted negatively or positively by outside events and sentiment.

Medical Research

VectorSpace may also provide a useful tool for our new healthcare data science division, Deep MedTech, in finding new and novel research paths in biomedical research. The ability to find hidden correlations could be a useful tool within the biomedical and drug development industry. Deep MedTech will look to build applications that could be marketed to developers, and other drug and pharmaceutical companies seeking new approaches in novel drug and gene therapy development.

Deep Fakes and Cybersecurity

VectorSpace technology may also be useful in hashing out fake news and content online, and in cybersecurity in finding hidden relationships online to root out unscrupulous activity. With ‘deep fake’ content expected to explode in the coming years the ability to hash out ‘good’ data from bad will be in high demand.

Market Campaign for Technology and Crypto Token

In addition to utilizing their platform, we will also help in marketing their technology to other data science and fintech developers here in the New York region. This will include marketing their NLP/NLU technology to developers and financial institutions, as well as their crypto token (VXV) to cryptocurrency traders, and potential investors.

Thomas Bustamante, the Founder & CEO of AI VentureTech, Inc. commented, “We are very excited to be collaborating with VectorSpace AI in utilizing their platform to develop new machine learning applications. VectorSpace Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU) can enable pathways for generating new insights, hypotheses or discoveries, which could prove very beneficial for such industries like finance, and biomedical research.”

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About VectorSpace AI

Founded 2018 in San Francisco California and headquartered in Valleta, Malta, the team consists of scientific and technical founders with a well-known track record in Silicon Valley. Vectorspace AI maintains a deep understanding of the financial markets having developed algorithms for quantitative information arbitrage opportunities along with running public companies as well as advising hedge funds. Vectorspace AI holds a number of patents in the area of context-controlled Natural Language Processing (NLP) in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory along with academics that have contributed to leading Google’s AI efforts. The platform has been registered by 300 enterprise customers that include Machine Learning (ML) companies, hedge funds, trading desks, asset management companies, technology partners and data vendors. All customers consume Vectorspace AI’s alternative dataset building and ‘feature engineering’ platform which provides on-demand datasets and features for NLP, ML and AI operations.

About AI VentureTech

Located in New York City, AI VentureTech, Inc. is a data science research firm focused on utilizing artificial intelligence in the areas of biomedical research, robotics, and cloud development. Our team of data scientists and engineers can customize AI-powered software and technical solutions for both companies and institutions looking to leverage data and machine learning algorithms for greater business value. The Company seeks growth through both collaboration and acquisition of dynamic new start-ups in the areas of business analytics, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), visualization tools, predictive modeling, and cloud advanced analysis.


AI VentureTech
Phone: (347) 483-0121

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