Andiamo (ANDI) Placed on Watch List by Ludlow Research


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(NEW YORK)–Andiamo Corp. (OTCMKTS:ANDI) has been placed on investor ‘watch list’ at Ludlow Research on anticipated launch of their upcoming Utopya smartphone.

In note to their subscribers Ludlow Research made note that ANDI recent pull back below $0.02 offers traders and longer term investors who may have missed the run in January a more reasonable opportunity for reentry at these prices.

ANDI has been one of the most active and discussed small cap play in the ‘penny stock’ sector in the past few weeks, and when you read their news you can see why.

The company is planning to launch a lineup of 3 Utopya-branded smartphone devices in 2018. Yes, you read that right, an actual phone!

Working closely with industry-leading smartphone manufacturers, the company is prepared to scale operations rapidly in order to meet anticipated demand.

Utopya software ecosystem is being designed for exceptional user privacy, and will boast an encryption-based email platform and a revolutionary type of messenger app, designed to ensure state-of-the-art data security for all Utopyans. Even more exciting, Utopya users will have access to a unique and highly-secure cloud storage service, which means they can rest assured that their photos, videos, and other private information will be kept safe from potential intruders.

Mike Starkweather, President of Andiamo Corporation, explained: “An early predictor of success when it comes to launching a new product is whether or not that product fulfills a need or solves a problem for customers. In emerging markets like the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and India, where smartphone ownership rates are still low but growing rapidly, consumers want access to high quality smartphones without having to pay exorbitant pricing. Their selection is very limited, and that’s where Utopya comes in.”

According to OTC Markets ANDI has just under 3 billion shares issued and outstanding, or a market cap of around $50 million just around the $0.02 mark.

Ludlow Research made note that yes in any other aspect this would be considered extremely overvalued when compared to most business in the small cap arena, but the idea of having their own Utopya smartphone in market could quickly justify a couple hundred million market cap if all things fall in place, and shows why traders have taken increased interest in this story as of late.

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ANDI is expected to have a number of announcements through 2018 as this new Utopya phone is unveiled, and then launched into market. So for traders wondering after the recent pull back is this story over? Not at all! If anything this story is only just beginning.

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About Andiamo Corp.

Andiamo Corporation, a Wyoming domiciled publicly traded company, and its subsidiary Utopya is an emerging technology company focused primarily on the development and distribution of mid-market smartphone devices equipped with a proprietary software ecosystem. Utopya smart will come equipped with a software ecosystem that includes a proprietary Android Operating System (OS) skin, as well as a number of proprietary mobile apps available exclusively to Utopya users. The company will be well positioned as one of the only mid-market smartphone companies to offer a proprietary software experience to its customers; this will be especially true in many emerging market economies, where competition is scarce and growth potential is enormous. Acquiring users into the software ecosystem will allow the company to develop a diverse array of revenue streams which will function as a distinct competitive advantage, while also providing a barrier to entry against prospective mid-market competitors.


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