BioHemp (BKIT) Added to Watch List as CBD Distribution Play

Venture Capital

(NEW YORK)–BioHemp International, Inc. (OTC: BKIT) is placed on ‘watch list’ based on their roll up strategy to build distribution platform channels for CBD providers.

CBD Consolidation and Distribution

You don’t have to look far on any stock form or social media platform to see cannabis and CBD stocks are just popping up every where in past couple of years.

Some  CBD stocks like NBEV CVSI or KGKG may end up becoming giants down the road, but many more may not have the power to reach that next level up, and that is when BKIT may find excellent assets to roll-up on the cheap.

Distribution: In addition, many of these smaller CBD stocks are all focused on one or few products, but what will be required more then anything down the road is the distribution chain to funnel these products to market.

New CEO at the Helm

BKIT recently appointed a new CEO, Daniel Blum, who has a strong background from the private equity and M&A field, and that may spell rapid growth for BKIT in any roll-up strategy.

In coming months we predict we could see larger retail box chains taking on CBD products, but until then direct distribution channels are the way to go, and based on BKIT steady climb on chart they may already be on their way.

For this reason Ludlow Research has added BKIT to its “watch list” in the cannabis and CBD sector. To receive an upcoming report on BKIT just register online at

There is an old saying in business, “Don’t try to be the gold mine, but rather be the store that sells the picks and shovels to the miners”, and that seems what BKIT strategy may just be.

About BioHemp International, Inc.

BioHemp International (OTC: BKIT) is a Company focused on rolling up a distribution platform for CBD providers to become the leading consolidation force in the CBD industry.

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