Medical Marijuana Stocks to Watch: IGC OWCP


(NEW YORK)–As the Trump Administration hints at possible crackdown on the cannabis industry many investors may want to keep their focus strictly on medical marijuana, and especially ones that have overseas exposure as US policies would have minimum effect on their operations.

The first one to watch is India Globalization Capital, Inc. (NYSEMKT:IGC), which recently announced its Phytocannabinoid Development Committee has started its review of international medical facilities as per its mandate to commence preclinical trials in support of IGC’s patent portfolio. The Committee had a particular focus on Israel, among others, given the Country’s current cannabis research policies and depth of qualified healthcare organizations. With it’s growing popularity for medical uses as well as recreational, a magazine for cannabis could help keep consumers with the growing change within the industry. This could be seen through the growth of medical marijuana wellness clinics, similar to this medical marijuana lansing mi dispensary. Dispensaries similar to these offer a wide range of support for their users, whether they are new or experienced. Depending on the ailments, concentrate, and method of consumption some dispensaries offer a different types of aids to help users – Read more here for more information.

During their preclinical phase, each compound will undergo toxicity assessment and development of their pharmacological profile. It is anticipated that these multi-week initiatives will allow for the collection of important data related to safety, iterative testing and feasibility.

IGC-501 is indicated for neuropathic pain. The pain market represents a significant component of the healthcare system and The Journal of Pain in September 2012 reported that the annual estimated national cost of pain ranges from $560 billion to $635 billion. Additionally, The American Pain Society recommends that pain be made more visible and be categorized as the fifth vital sign.

IGC-502 is indicated for seizures. Approximately 50 million people worldwide are affected by Epilepsy (Sanders, 2003). Epilepsy is thought to be due to multiple factors that include Sodium, Potassium, GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) and NMDA (N-Methyl-d-aspartate). It is believed that to maximally control Epilepsy, modulation of one or more of these receptors is required and that mono therapy is adequate in up to 25% of patients.

IGC-504 is indicated for eating disorders. Cachexia is a condition that accompanies severe illness such as cancer and results in the weakness and wasting away of the body. In the U.S. it is estimated that a population of approximately 1.3 million are experiencing Cachexia associated with Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, HIV/AIDS and other progressive illnesses. Cancer induced Anorexia Cachexia is responsible for about 20% of all cancer deaths.

If you are the owner of a Maryland dispensary, you can use the services of GreenBits to ensure that you are compliant with maryland medical cannabis laws.

About IGC

In the United States, we develop phytocannabinoid-based therapies. IGC has assembled a portfolio of patent filings that encompasses the indications of Pain, Medical Refractory Epilepsy and Cachexia using cannabinoids. We are based in Bethesda, Maryland.

Another overseas medical marijuana play that has been catching investors interest is OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OTCMKTS:OWCP), an Israeli-based developer of cannabinoid-based therapies targeting a variety of different medical conditions and disorders, which recently announced it had received Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to conduct safety testing on its proprietary topical crème compound for the treatment of psoriasis and related skin conditions. The approval follows the Company’s February 1, 2017 8K filing announcing an extension to the size and scope of its efficacy study on the same compound, which began in November 2106.

The IRB approved study encompasses the cream itself, as a delivery mechanism, as well as the proprietary psoriasis formulation, and is the first to formally make such claims with the NIH Registry. The double-blind study, which will be conducted on healthy volunteers at one of Israel’s leading academic hospitals, is designed to demonstrate the safety of the formulation in treating psoriasis on human skin tissue. Administrators began soliciting for study participants as soon as approval was received.

About OWC Pharmaceutical Research

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp., through its wholly-owned Israeli subsidiary, One Word Cannabis Ltd., (collectively “OWC” or the “Company”) conducts medical research and clinical trials to develop cannabis-based pharmaceuticals and treatments for conditions including multiple myeloma, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, PTSD, and migraines. OWC is also developing unique delivery systems for the effective delivery and dosage of medical cannabis. All OWC research is conducted at leading Israeli hospitals and scientific institutions, and led by internationally renowned investigators.

The Company’s Research Division is focused on pursuing clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of cannabinoids for the treatment of various medical conditions, while its Consulting Division is dedicated to helping governments and companies navigate complex international cannabis regulatory frameworks. For more information, visit:

Ludlow Research, an equity research firm based in New York City commented in a research note to clients, “With the increased risk of a possible crackdown on recreational marijuana in the US investors should keep their focus on companies involved strictly on medical marijuana, as that seems to offer the lowest risk. If you can add to that by staying stricting in medical marijuana, and International operations, such plays as OWCP and IGC seem to be better plays in the emerging cannabis sector, and still may hold lower regulatory risks going forward.”

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