Vectorspace (VXV) Crypto Coin Big Uses for Quant Hedge Funds


(NEW YORK)–Vectorspace AI (idex:VXV), a machine learning and financial informatics crypto blockchain, may offer big demand from financial institutions looking to utilize their smart basket technology in hedge fund and stock market analysis. Financial institutions and advisors can also find out the best way to market their financial services to clients that need their help, by going to financial marketing seminars by companies like

What is VXV Coin?

The Vectorspace AI token is a utility token with a full circulatory system designed to enable Smart Basket ETFs to transact data with one another using the token in exchange for minimizing loss and boosting alpha. Subscription and curation services are also transacted using the token, VXV.

These are baskets of cryptocurrencies that have known and hidden relationships to global trends, topics, concepts, and headlines.

VXV Blockchain

Vectorspace AI platform is powered by context-controlled Natural Language Processing (NLP) and facilitated by cryptocurrency transactions. A single trend represented by a concept, keyword, hashtag, URL or news story can represent a network of cryptocurrencies based on their relationship to one another and surrounding context or concepts.

Actual Coin Demand and Use

Unlike many crypto or blockchains currently trading the questions should also be asked what is the use and thus demand for this coin now, and in the future. For the vast number of crypto coins it pretty much nothing as we never see these coins or blockchains offering real-time world solutions.

This not the case with Vector Space, as (VXV) is a high tech AI enabled crypto could be used for a vast number of large data sets, and machine learning projects, which such areas as media analysis, stock market trading, and institutional financing just being some of the top few.

VXV coin and blockchain could become in high demand for institutional trading desks, or quant hedge funds looking to utilize AI and machine learning in their complex financial products. There is significant hope that VXV will become as profitable as established cryptocurrencies like Ethereum on popular sites such as Zipmex.

For this reason Trader Madness has placed VXV on its crypto ‘watch list’ , witch similar AI crypto plays such as SingularityNET (AGI), DeepBrain Chain (DBC), Effect.AI (EFX), Fetch.AI (FET), Artiqox (AIQ), Swarm (SWM), and OceanEX Token (OCE).

Where to Traded VXV?

VXV is currently trading on the IDEX Exchange, which is a decentralized Ethereum exchange available. You can find a current live quote for VXV/ETH on Idex by visiting

About Vectorspace AI

Founded 2018 in San Francisco California and headquartered in Valleta, Malta, the team consists of scientific and technical founders with a well-known track record in Silicon Valley. Vectorspace AI maintains a deep understanding of the financial markets having developed algorithms for quantitative information arbitrage opportunities along with running public companies as well as advising hedge funds. Vectorspace AI holds a number of patents in the area of context-controlled Natural Language Processing (NLP) in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory along with academics that have contributed to leading Google’s AI efforts. The platform has been registered by 300 enterprise customers that include Machine Learning (ML) companies, hedge funds, trading desks, asset management companies, technology partners and data vendors. All customers consume Vectorspace AI’s alternative dataset building and ‘feature engineering’ platform which provides on-demand datasets and features for NLP, ML and AI operations.

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