Coronavirus: DeepSkyOne Launching No-Contact Delivery App for Home Deliveries


(NEW YORK)–DeepSkyOne announced plans to launch DoorDrop, a new ‘no-contact’ last mile delivery app for customers seeking food, groceries, and other products, while reducing the need for human interaction. (

DoorDrop, in partnership with AppSwarm (OTC: SWRM), is a last mile ‘no-contact’ delivery platform that acts as an intermediary between merchants and customer who wish to get products from local stores delivered to their doorstep such as groceries, furniture, and pharmaceutical products.

Coronavirus and No Contact Deliveries

Due to recent outbreak in coronavirus many customers have increased their concerns of reducing human interaction and exposure, especially in nations where local quarantines have been issued.

DoorDrop platform can easily deploy a ‘no-contact’ delivery feature whereby customers request deliveries be left at door and are then alerted by SMS to their smartphone that package or products have been delivered and to go outside to pick them up.

Millennial Human Interaction

In addition to outbreak fears, DeepSky made note that Millennials now typically prefer to communicate over a messaging app rather than make a phone call. Now be it from chatbot customer service, self-check out at local retail stores, or McDonald’s self-order kiosks millennial’s are becoming more and more accustomed to reduced human interaction, or more reliant on smartphone technology.

Learn more and see photos of new application here:

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About DeepSkyOne

DeepSkyOne is an IoT solutions provider focused on industrial and smart home devices and monitoring. The company customizes IoT systems for enterprise clients utilizing a suite of industrial sensors and GPS tracking devices. The company consumer division offers smart home devices and gateways ranging from from smart lighting, smart plugs, and security monitoring.

DoorDrop and DeepSkyOne are wholly-owned assets of AI VentureTech, Inc.

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