DTII to Market Security Scanners to Cannabis Industry


(NEW YORK–Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTCQB:DTII), a developer of security technologies,  may be position to market their Offender Alert Passive Scan™ to provide security for marijuana dispensaries.

In addition to schools, sports venues, and government facilities, the Company also plans to market its Passive Scanner systems to a growing number of cannabis dispensaries and retail shops, and build partnerships with companies that currently provide security services and equipment for the cannabis industry.

Because of the Federal ban on marijuana most of these cannabis related facilities, and retail stores, must conduct business purely in case, and that provides them as high targets for possible thefts. DTII marketing their new passive security screener could help these facilities, and retail store, enhance up their security in this fast growing market.

No X-Ray Emissions

DTII scanner technology is based on the ‘Earth Magnetic Fields’, contrary to existing Scanners that are based on X-ray Technology, their Scanners have no emission what so ever, and is therefore harmless to the subject passing through our portal, especially ideal for schools and people manning the machines.

A Video of the Offender Alert Passive Scan™ may be seen at: https://youtu.be/nypDRF2xhlA

About Defense Technologies International Corp.

Defense Technologies International Corp (OTCQB:DTII) core ideology is to provide superior solutions for today’s new world risks and threats. DTC is positioned to enter the, until now, untapped public school market segment for threat detection security. DTC has assembled a respected team of experts with decades of experience sharing a common vision of safety, quality, service & share holder value. Team members bring to bear a broad spectrum of executive, international & corporate experience, coupled with extensive diplomatic relationships both at home and abroad.  www.defensetechnologiesintl.com