Non X-Ray Emission Metal Detector Ready for Schools


(NEW YORK)–Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTCQB:DTII), a developer of security technologies, sees retail interest build on their patent for next generation non X-ray emission metal detectors.

Next Generation Walk Through Scanner

The DTII Offender Alert Passive Scan (US Patent #: 7408461) is a portable scanning security device that uses the Earth’s magnetic fields, as oppossed to X-rays with current systems, to detect potential security threats. When students step through the Offender Alert Passive Scan, sensors embedded within the aluminum frame alert security personnel to the level of threat with color-coded LED lights and an audible buzz. The Offender Alert Passive Scan also can link with a computer to give an instant view, using numbers or colors, of the threat area, which can then be transmitted to a handheld device for ease of use, threat tracking and neutralizing

No X-Ray Emissions

The Offender Alert Passive Scan is the only product of its kind that uses passive scanning. Traditional detectors use X-ray (radiation) imaging – the same type of technology that can have harmful effects after prolonged exposure; the Offender Alert Passive Scan eliminates any exposure to students, and this could become a major selling point in replacing current scanners in schools and buildings today.

The Company recently announced the appointed Head of Marketing to handle sales and marketing, and is ready for installation in real world venues, with primary concentration on schools in the United States and other countries around the world.

DTII has around 26 million shares issued and outstanding, and low  public float. Based on possible purchase orders from schools, government agencies, and sports arenas, DTII was issued a “speculative” price valuation target of $0.75 to $1.00 per share by Ludlow Research.

About Defense Technologies International

The Company’s ‘Offender Alert Passive Scan™’ is a “next generation” walk-through detector scanning unit. This patented and trademarked passive scanning system allows for detecting and identifying concealed threats such as guns, knives, etc. Unlike other scanners the public is more familiar with, Defense Technologies does NOT use X-rays to detect threats. Serious health concerns have been raised over the repeated exposure to X-rays from scanning machines currently in use.