Hammer Fiber (HMMR) to Launch Cable TV Broadband Services into NYC Market


(NEW YORK)–Hammer Fiber Optic Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: HMMR) to launch cable TV and Broadband services into the New York City market.

The Company announced that it is expanding its television services platform to include content for the New York DMA ahead of its network expansion plans.

This news comes on the heels of their recent announcement to launch Cable TV, Phone and Internet services into the Baltimore market as well.

They stated the expansion of the television platform will allow Hammer Fiber to offer a full suite of ultra-high-speed internet, Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) and linear television services to existing and new customers in northern New Jersey that fall within the New York designated market area.

A full suite of television services including Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Video on Demand (VOD) are expected to be available to customers in Northern New Jersey in early 2018.

Hammer Fiber opted to add the additional DMA following the successful launch of television services in the southern New Jersey market, a part of the Philadelphia DMA. Earlier this year, through the use of its pre-5g wireless fiber technology, Hammer Fiber deployed a full triple play service offering to residents and small businesses, specifically in the Atlantic City Area. Hammer Fiber is continuing the development of its current market and utilizing the results in that region to develop a comprehensive and competitive television platform for this new territory.

“We’ve been eyeing the New York DMA since the beginning of the development of our television platform,” said Michael Yankowski, Hammer Fiber’s Director of Product Development, “The opportunities in this market are massive; we already deliver internet service to both residential and enterprise customers and now we’ll be able to offer our complete suite of services. This is a natural evolution for us.”

Hammer Fiber’s expansion plans will utilize their existing network infrastructure, which runs throughout the Northern New Jersey market and extends into New York City. The company currently operates a carrier network in market, servicing Enterprise clients as well as offering residential ultra-high-speed internet and voice services. The addition of linear television services including both local and national content will complete Hammer Fiber’s offerings in the market.

About Hammer Fiber

Hammer Fiber Optic Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: HMMR) is a telecommunications company investing in the future of wireless technology whose holdings include Hammer Fiber Optic Investments, Ltd. D/B/A Hammer Fiber, a New Jersey-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers internet, voice, video and data services in New Jersey, as well as carrier services in Philadelphia and New York. Hammer Fiber serves residential and small business markets with high capacity broadband, voice and video through both direct fiber as well as its wireless fiber platform, Hammer Wireless® AIR technology. For more information visit http://www.hammerfiber.com or contact Frank Pena at fpena@hammerfiber.com



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