IDVV Biomedical Research to Focused on Non-Psychoactive Cannabis


(NEW YORK)– International Endeavors Corporation (OTCMKTS: IDVV) launches biomedical research firm in conjunction with Kubby Cryogenics Inc.

The Company announced the launch of its biomedical research firm strictly focused on the use of non-psychoactive cannabis based products for the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses.

Under the agreement, Kubby Cryogenics will look to patent medical grade cannabis strains that are genetically profiled to treating specific diseases. Cannabis strains can be found at many different online and physical dispensaries across the country, and the advanced research in this area could help to expand the industry even more. Right now there are several different types of cannabis strains available for those who are looking for them, which can be found on sites similar to Canna Union ( Some find that particular strains can affect their bodies in different ways, for example, a strain such as Harle-Tsu has 20:1 ratio CBD to THC and is popular for those who aren’t looking for a high THC effect. It can be used by those who are interested in achieving a state of relaxation but want to stay motivated. Some diseases or health problems can be relieved through cannabis strains, and that is why some people decide to grow seeds in their own gardens. You can look for help getting details at places similar to Weed Seeds so you can get a better understanding of this process. Researching different cannabis strains that can help with treating specific diseases will be beneficial to many people. Those looking at trying cannabis products themselves may want to Click here to see the selection of such products offered on one online store.

The company will be acquiring licensing rights to patent new delivery systems in the future. Further, the company will continue with product development in their own proprietary Cryogenics line, which captures the highest medical value of any product known on the market today.

Scientific Team

To accomplish these goals, Kubby Cryogenics has assembled a team of top Scientists and Geneticists to research and develop the strains for these Cryogenic Extract products.

There are many ways that they will go about doing this. To start with, they will make sure that they are fully equipped with all that they need. They can’t just use any equipment either, they need to make sure that they use the right equipment, even things like making sure they choose the right pipette tips will be an important decision to help them accomplish their goals concerning Cryogenic Extract products

Steve Kubby, commented, “We are very excited to partner with IEC, and anticipate bringing a new class of medicine to the market through our pure line of medical grade cannabis products featuring our patent pending Cryogenic process. We will create a dispensary system for legal medical cannabis states standardizing the patient centered, consultation approach while presenting an enticing line of Adult Use products featuring a patent pending menu of powerful strains and pure, all natural, solvent-less concentrate products.”

Cryogenics Medical Uses

Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, Brain Injury, Stroke, Inflammation, and PTSD.

Steven Wynn “Steve” Kubby, the new CEO of IDVV, played a key role in the passage of California Proposition 215, a ballot initiative passed in 1996 to legalize medical marijuana. He is a well-known cancer patient of 36 years, who benefits his recovery through the use of non-psychoactive Cryogenics, a raw cannabis extract. Steve Kubby was formally Chairman and CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc. (OTCMKTS: CBDS), and has authored 2 books on drug policy reform. Mr. Kubby’s distinguished political career includes runs for Governor of California in 1998, and the 2008 Presidential primary race under the libertarian ticket.

Foremost a Biotech Firm

The main take away for investors looking to play the marijuana sector is that IDVV isn’t going to be your run of the mill marijuana play, but more in the realm of a ‘biotech research firm’ that conducts a core of its research on the non-psychoactive use of cannabis using a specialized cryo process.

Sell Growers, Buy Medical

Ludlow Research, a small cap equity research firm located in New York City, recently issued a note to their subscribers that investors wanting to invest in the marijuana sector may want to sell the growers, dispensaries, and recreational plays, and focus investment capital more in a diversified basket of companies focused strictly on the medical research side due to potential regulatory risks.

For this reason they have initiated coverage on IDVV based on their new management, low public float, and strict focus on non-psychoactive cannabis research for the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses, with a ‘speculative’ short-term target of around $2.00+ per share.

This would place IDVV with similar pure medical marijuana plays such as OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp (OTC:OWCP) India Globalization Capital, Inc. (NYSE: IGC), Freedom Leaf, Inc. (OTC:FRLF), or Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC:MJNA) to name a few.

About International Endeavors Corporation

International Endeavors Corporation is a company focused on biomedical uses of non-psychoactive cannabis based products for the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses. Through a unique patent pending Cryogenic process, the Company can process different unique medical grade cannabis strains that are genetically profiled to treating specific diseases.

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