LinkResPet (LRSV) Prepares Launch of CBD Pet Water on SingleSeed

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(NEW YORK)–LinkResPet (OTC: LRSV) announces they will be launching their anticipated Lynks CBD Pet Water on SingleSeed ecommerce platform.

LRSV announced it will be launching their Lynks CBD Pet Water, in partnership with American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH), on the popular SingleSeed platform.

Investors from HIPH may be familiar with the SingleSeed name as LALPINA Hydro CBD water has been one of the platforms top sellers in recent weeks.

SingleSeed is owned and operated by SinglePoint (OTC:SING).

Now the bet is we could see this kind of strong demand for LRSV Pet Water as buyers look to place orders for their pets at the height of summer season.

The American Pet Products Association estimates that the US pet product industry will be worth over $75 billion in 2019. New Frontier Data projects that the market of CBD for Dogs, cats, etc. will reach $125 million in sales by 2022. And according to a report by Research and Marketing, over 55% of US households own a pet, and are more likely to be in a higher income household than non-pet owners.

Wil Ralston, President of SinglePoint, Inc., commented, “The Company’s LALPINA CBD Water has been a top seller for us on SingleSeed, and as everyone knows, our site crashed due to high demand for LALPINA CBD Water. We feel that Lynks CBD Pet Water will have similar success. It’s a unique product in the marketplace that I believe will take off very . We look forward to receiving the first shipment in a few weeks.”

Wall Street Newscast has learned that LRSV and HIPH may be launching their CBD Pet Water sooner then that before the end of July 2019, which has investor interest growing on both these stories.

About Link Reservations Inc.

LinkResPet, a subsidiary of Link Reservations Inc (OTC: LRSV), is CBD Petcare provider dedicated to improving the health and life conditions of pets worldwide. Developing and marketing hemp-based CBD products for cats, dogs and horses, Link Reservations Inc is currently present in Europe and in the US. A pioneer in the area, LinkResPet products can be found online on:

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