Mojo Data (MJDS) Offers Cashierless Store Technology


(NEW YORK)–Mojo Data Solutions (OTCMKTS:MJDS) Beacon technology provides one of solutions needed for future trend of cashierless stores.

Cashierless Store Technology

Amazon recently announced plans to launch up to 3000 what they call cashierless stores in the US by 2022. These stores have no cashiers, but rather track the customer and products they select, and charge them as they exit.

MJDS Beacon technology could be the very technology for other players looking to enter the cashierless store model going forward. When paired with the Mojo Tag App, beacons can be set to deliver various forms of interaction e.g., product information, promotions, coupons etc. to the user’s device when customers are in a certain range of the beacon. Mojo Beacons can also be used as point-of-sale systems to capture shopper information. The versatility of the technology makes the uses of the beacons countless and up to the imagination of the business. The opportunities are endless.
By leveraging a smartphone user’s precise location within a store, retailers can deliver highly relevant and compelling content that engages and influences purchase decisions.

Their technologies interoperate seamlessly with existing, large-scale systems including retail point-of-sale, customer relationship management, campaign management, digital loyalty, inventory, track-and-trace and mobile operating systems. Learn more
Mojo Data Solutions works closely with large brands and the advertising and marketing agencies who serve them to enhance traditional advertising and marketing campaigns. We achieve this by creating exciting consumer experiences enabled through all forms of mobile tags and barcodes, including the simplest UPC symbols, to the most advanced image recognition and audio watermarking, using our groundbreaking Mojo Tags multimedia reader.

Past Deal with Best Buy Stores

MJDS launched the largest retail mobile barcode implementation on record. In over 3,300 Best Buy stores, with over 400,000 SKU’s and included in over 55,000,000 circulars nationwide.

– Developed and maintains the Mojo Campaign Management Suite. The Mojo Campaign Management Suite encompasses several products including – Mojo Tags , Mojo Beacons , and Mojo Insights. The Mojo Campaign Management Suite with it’s carrier grade back-end can handle millions of simultaneous consumer transactions and provides brand protection for companies seeking anti-counterfeiting, diversion and track and trace capabilities.
– Developed and maintains the world’s most advanced, multimedia scanning application, Mojo Tags ™, available white-label and embeddable.
– Developed and maintains the innovative FadeMark™ process. FadeMark™ is the only covert brand protection method that thwarts counterfeiters duplication methods.

Mojo Data Solutions currently has around 38 million shares issued and outstanding, and trades Over the Counter under ticker symbol “MJDS”

About Mojo Data Solutions

Mojo Data Solutions is an innovative technology provider of interactive solutions for smartphones. Mojo Tags is the only multimedia reader that connects the physical world to the digital world using disruptive technologies such as 2D barcodes, image recognition, steganography for images and audio and other content identification technologies, such as NFC and RFID. Our shares are new in the market, and we will continue to build a high quality intellectual property portfolio as we grow over the years.


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