NECA Upgraded on Title Loan Operations, Volume Spikes



(NEW YORK)–New America Energy Corp. (OTC: NECA), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Title King, LLC, issued $0.003+ valuation target based on launch of the auto title loans operations.

The Company recently submitted its BestTitleDeal app to Google Play in August, and is going live on Apples app store currently.

BestTitleDeal is an industry disruptive FinTech application that management believes could revolutionize the Title Pawn business by providing a competitive bidding process that will help ensure each consumer will receive the most cash for their vehicle and at the best rates available.

In addition to driving customers to its flagship brick and mortar store, BestTitleDeal will also act as a huge revenue source as Title King will focus on generating leads nationwide and once captured, sell those leads to other lenders across the country at a price ranging from $50.00 to $100.00 per lead.

Jeff Canouse, CEO, commented, “This is a game changer, not only for Title King but also the industry. According to Pew Research, roughly Two Million (2,000,000) individuals use Title Pawns each year, if we only capture 5% of those customers and sell those leads at the low range, you’re looking at Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000.00) in revenue just on a conservative basis. We have already had tremendous interest from one of the largest Title Pawn companies in the country wishing to use our App. I look forward to announcing our live App in the near future and will invite all our shareholders to download it and share their feedback.

Authorized Share Reduction

On Nov. 14, 2016, the Company announced the reduction of 1 Billion Authorized Shares.

This reduction will lower NECA’s A/S from 3.9B to 2.9B in line with The Company’s goal of creating more favorable share structure conditions ahead of new material developments.

Fully Reporting Status

In addition, the Company stated it has been working diligently with their accountants in order to get the Fourth Quarter of 2016 financials finalized. Once completed, the Company intends to submit number to its Auditor, and hopes to have fully audited numbers within the next month or so.

Valuation Target

With referral revenues from its title loan app, along with its title pawn stores projecting $5 million in revenues per year, a speculative market cap of $6 million would not be out of the questions. With less then 2 billion outstanding, and now reduction in shares authorized, a price of $0.003 would equate to a market cap of only $6 million, and provides further upside from current price levels.

A copy of the report can be found at

Title King is publicly traded on the Over the Counter market under the ticker symbol “NECA”.

About Title King

New America Energy Corp. (OTC:NECA), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Title King, LLC, provides short-term high interest loans to consumers through the collateral use of car and truck titles. The Company operates in the alternative financial services industry, providing automobile title loans to consumers who own their vehicle free and clear and need convenient and simple access to funds. Other products offered in this industry include other forms of consumer loans, check cashing, money orders and money transfers. Consumers who use alternative financial services are often referred to as “underserved” or “underbanked” by banks and other traditional financial institutions. The Company is also exploring additional business opportunities including joint-venture partnerships and acquisitions.

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