RLBD to Acquire CBD Pharmacy to Expand Cannabis Consumer Products


(NEW YORK)–Real Brands, Inc. (OTC: RLBD), a consumer beverage company within the cannabis industry, announces agreement to acquire the CBD Pharmacy brand for the launch of new cannabis related consumer products.

RLBD recently announced they had signed a binding letter of intent with CBD Pharmacy, Inc. to acquire the CBD Pharmacy™ trademark plus four (4) US utility patents for the manufacturer of consumable legal cannabis and hemp products, similar to these CBD Gummies and many others, as defined by the states on a state by state basis. In addition RLBD has also agreed to acquire four (4) Colorado trademarks for use in legal cannabis and hemp products.

“The acquisition of the CBD Pharmacy™ trademark, as well as the rest of this IP, will be a catalyst in RLBD’s strategy to build successful brands in this rapidly expanding industry,” said Jerry Pearring, CEO of Real Brands, Inc. “As a brand building company, we believe that the strong positioning of these trademarks, as well as these unique and protected formulas, will present RLBD immediate opportunities to grow through licensing and new product development in California, Colorado and Washington.”

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CBD Pharmacy is such a unique name is this rapidly growing industry that it could also open opportunities for RLBD to expand into medical marijuana products, and better yet become a main distribution outlet for other companeis involved in the CBD and cannabis medical marijuana market.

Omega Hemp Water Brand

The Company recently announced today that it has acquired the Omega Hemp Water trademarks and brand Intellectual Property from Alkame Holdings, Inc. (OTC :ALKM) via a controlling interest in a newly created subsidiary.

CBD infused water has been gainning investor interest, such as with Puration, Inc. (OTC:PURA) which recently announced that its EVERx CBD Infused Bottled Sports Water and EVERx Alkaline Bottled Sports Water will both be available soon at Drug Emporium. Drug Emporium has agreed to sell EVERx CBD Infused Bottled Sports Water and EVERx Alkaline Bottled Sports Water at select retail stores.

RLBD execution in acquiring brands related to the cannabis and hemp market places them as real potential play in the cannabis related consumer beverage and product market.

Real Brands is publicly traded on the Over the Counter Market under the stock symbol “RLBD”.

About Real Brands

Real Brands, Inc. (RLBD) is a publicly held company. The Company’s strategy is to build brands and is currently focusing on consumer products brand development and marketing in the legal hemp and cannabis industry. Real Brands, Inc. currently has a super majority controlling equity interest in Omega Hemp Water trademarks and intellectual properties. For additional information go to www.realbrandsusa.com


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