ETFMG Alternative Harvest (NYSE:MJ) is an ETF that tracks the cannabis and CBD stock sector

Small Cap Cannabis Stocks

Below is a featured list of publicly traded micro-cap stocks within the Cannabis and CBD sector. If you have a stock you would like to add to our sector profile please contact us



AppSwarm, Inc (OTC:SWRM)

AppSwarm is a technology company specializing in the accelerated development and publishing of mobile apps and other software platforms for gaming and business applications and seeks to acquire symmetric business opportunities. AppSwarm partners with and assists other development firms in technology development, business management, and funding needs.

* Mobile track & trace platform for cannabis dispensaries



ChineseInvestors (OTCQB:CIIX)

Founded in 1999, endeavors to be an innovative company providing (a) real-time market commentary, analysis, and educationally related services in Chinese language character sets (traditional and simplified); (b) advertising and public-relations-related support services; and (c) retail, online, and direct sales of and other health-related products. For more information, visit

* CBD cosmetics sold in China and Asia