SMS Marketing


SMS Marketing to Investors

Our SMS Marketing Platform allows you to manage and scale your mobile marketing operations with a platform that sends 500 text messages per second!

SMS Open Rate: Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has a 20% open rate if even that. About 90% of texts are read in 3 minutes, with no other marketing tool offering a similar rate. Communicate efficiently and get quick responses from investors with our SMS marketing service.

Email Marketing is Dead! SMS is the future

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IR Firm Automation

No more need for costly IR services. With our SMS marketing platform we put the power back into the hands of the companies for a low monthly. Automate your IR communication using our SMS cloud platform.

Manage Your own Subscribers

Build and manage your own subscriber list of investor numbers you can send updates out right to their smartphones. Send your news right to investors in matter of seconds right from your account on our platform.

How it Works

Investors text your company stock ticker symbol to our short-code number, and this automatically adds them to your subscriber list.

ExampleText ticker ABCD to 55236 to receive SMS alerts on this stock

You then simply login to our platform and send out an SMS text alerts to your list about any company news or special deals you want to promote.

Product Promotion

SMS can also be useful in promoting a new product or service by offering loyalty cards, and discount coupons.

ExampleGet 20% off our CBD infused water if you buy before midnight tonight. Click here to buy now

This allows you to offer subscribers discounts and steer traffic in short periods directly to purchase a product or service on landing page before set deadline.

SMS is the future in IR promotion!