Trader Watch: SDVI TXHD DTII


(NEW YORK)–As the 2017 trading season kicks off here are a few small cap stock plays traders are talking about.

Lock on Share Issuance

Signature Devices, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SDVI) caught traders attention when they tweeted over the New Years weekend that they were working toward updating the financials with OTC Markets, and would include their subsidiary Graffiti Entertainment financials.

This was a big alert for traders as this would now bring SDVI back to ‘current’ on the OTC Markets. But even bigger was the announcement that the company ‘currently has a lock on not issuing any new shares or changing the issued and outstanding for 90 days’ really sent traders into a frenzy.

SDVI was last traded at $0.006 per share on volume of around 146 million shares traded by late morning.
Low Market Cap Valuation

Textmunication Holdings (OTCMKTS:TXHD), which develops an online mobile marketing platform service that also helps customers communicate with their members by allowing them to build loyalty, engage member retention, and create new business through a non-intrusive, value added medium. But what has been catching eyes of traders is the low market cap of TXHD at just under $200,000.

Ludlow Research recently issued alert commenting that with around 180 million shares issued and outstanding, and their growing base of vertical clients and revenue operations, the company may provide a value trade based on their current market cap.

They added with the retirement of prior toxic notes, and growing interest in SMS mobile marketing, they gave TXHD stock a “speculative” target of $0.02 per share, or conservative $4 million market valuation, which is way higher then their current price of $0.0011 per share.

Venue Security from Terrorist Attacks

The recent terror attack in Istanbul, Turkey over New Years Day has placed a light of venue security plays, like Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTCQB:DTII), which develops a portable scanning security device that uses the Earth’s magnetic fields, as opposed to X-rays with current systems, to detect potential security threats.

The Offender Alert Passive Scan is the only product of its kind that uses passive scanning. Traditional detectors use X-ray (radiation) imaging – the same type of technology that can have harmful effects after prolonged exposure; the Offender Alert Passive Scan eliminates any exposure to students, and this could become a major selling point in replacing current scanners in schools and buildings today.

DTII has around 30 million shares issued and outstanding, and low public float. Based on continued need for greater venue security, and possible purchase orders from schools, government agencies, and sports arenas, DTII was recently issued a “speculative” price valuation target of $0.80 to $1.00 per share.