Swantry Encryption Process Could Expand to Corporate Enterprise Use


(NEW YORK)–Swantry high level special encryption for their upcoming cyberbullying app may offer more then protection of child user information, but could signal possible move into higher demand area of cybersecurity.

Swantry, which is owned and publicly traded under the name WorldFlix, Inc. (OTCMKTS:WRFX), uses a special encryption process to protect the content and communication platform within their cyberbullying app.

This special encryption process may not be just good for protecting your childs content, but rather for other apps, or cloud based application and storage platforms. This special encryption could quickly move WRFX from a mobile app developer into the more lucrative corporate and enterprise cybersecurity arena.

The Company recently tweeted that they plan a number of updates regarding this shortly, which may also include moves forward with longer term funding, and launch of their cyberbullying app.

Company Twitter updates: http://twitter.com/WorldFlix

Swantry Revenue Potential

At around $5.00 per month it could be very reasonable to expect at minimum 100,000 parents subscribing to this service who may have concern their kid is being bullied online. What parent wouldn’t?

So at $5.00 per month, and just 100,000 subscribers on the low end, that would equate to monthly revenues of $500,000, or $6 million annually.

Valuation Target

WRFX high demand potential for their cyberbullying app, and possible move into mobile and cloud based cybersecurity, could justify a “speculative” market value of $5 to $10 million, which potential could equate to around $0.002 to $0.003 per share, based on current share structure.

WRFX was last traded a price of $0.0001 a share.

About WorldFlix, Inc.

WorldFlix, Inc. (OTC: WRFX) operates in a variety of niche businesses. App Farm-platform for acquiring, developing, and growing niche apps for mobile and tablet devices. Drobbits-interactive platform that allows users to create, play and monetize their own video games. Swantry-a military-grade, triple encrypted, launcher app that allows parents to ensure their child is safe on their mobile device. Lastly, WorldFlix Entertainment Management is the company’s television and movie development and management business. For more information please visit www.worldflix.co