Swantry Anti Cyberbullying App could Assist Schools over Lawsuit Risks


(NEW YORK)–WorldFlix, Inc. ( OTCMKTS:WRFX ), a mobile app development company, looks to target insurance companies to assist in lowering risk of lawsuits for schools over growing issue of cyberbullying.

According to a recent survey, 42% of children have been cyber bullied and 35% have been threatened online. Because peer approval is so important to kids, frequently the situation will continue to deteriorate without ever being reported, resulting in damaging consequences.

As a matter of course, parents are generally responsible for the acts of their children until the age of 18. However, during school hours, public schools assume the custodial role over children. The United States Supreme Court has held that teachers and school administrators, it is said, act in loco parentis in their dealings with students; their authority is that of the parent. Under this assumption, parents entrust the safety and well being of their children to teachers and administrators. As we might expect, and as the reports of cyberbullying incidents rise, so has the number of lawsuits against schools, teachers and administrators. To meet this challenge, 47 states and Washington D.C. have bullying laws that include electronic harassment. (Cyberbullying Research Center April 2013 report).

Under these laws, and in some cases under existing federal laws, parents or guardians may sue school staff members – on behalf of their children – for negligence, failing to use reasonable care to protect students from harm caused by cyberbullying.

This has led to more schools looking for tools to not just monitor for potential cases of cyberbullying, but to be proactive in reducing these cases, and thus potentially reducing liability risk to their schools and districts.

WRFX Swantry app is expected to charge $4.95 per month for basic membership, and $7.95 for their premium service. If you add in the thousands, if not hundred of thousands of parents who would surely want to know if their son or daughter was being made a target of bullying the potential to generate anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million+ per month, or potentially $10 to $20 million in revenues per year could become a real possibility.

At just 150,000 parents subscribing to this service WRFX could generate $750,000 per month on their basic membership, which would equate to nearly $10 million in annual revenues.

Swantry will target insurance companies to help empower school administrators with Swantry monitoring technology to help them stay ahead of risk, and potential lawsuit litigation some of these cases may produce. For the insurance companies a technology such as Swantry could help keep down liability costs for the insurance providers, and potential insurance costs for the schools that implement such monitoring technology.

This potential has caught the interest of traders, especially ones who have children and would understand the demand for parents wanting to know if their kid was being harassed online or not.

WorldFlix, the parent company of Swantry, currently trades Over the Counter under the ticker symbol “WRFX”.

Swantry’s Primary Features Include:

1. Safe socialization: Set a list of trusted contacts together with your child and you don’t need to worry about who they chat with or who can contact them. Children’s privacy is Swantry’s top priority, so parents naturally can’t see the messages between their children and their trusted friends.
2. Limit app usage: Set a variation of time limits for the respective apps, and block certain apps completely. You can also set different time profiles, which means there’s no playing when it’s time for homework or bedtime.
3. Internet filter: featuring a spectrum of powerful Parental Control filters for the Internet. Based on the age of your child, if required, web-browsing can be blocked completely.
4. Chats: This capability enables group chats with the potential to incorporate the whole family, with video capability of up to 4 people.
5. Geo-fencing: This indispensable feature enables the instant location of a missing device or child on a map, empowering parents to set boundaries for children where they can travel safely and how far they shouldn’t go.
6. Curfew: This traditional and important condition meets simplified accountability, as both the parent and the child can exercise notification options when the appointed time approaches.
7. Integrated Design: Following installation, a device can be set on “Child mode” enabling children to utilize it freely. Swantry’s safety nets deliver reassurance and peace of mind