Swantry (WRFX) Finds Ally on Cyberbullying with Incoming First Lady



(NEW YORK)–Swantry anti cyberbullying app will find a perfect voice for the cause in Melania Trump, as the new First Lady looks to make combating cyberbullying her core focus over the next 4 years. 

Melania Trump, the incoming First Lady of the United States, stated one of her core causes as First Lady will be to combat the issue of cyberbullying, which could be a big boast to such companies such as Swantry, and their anti cyberbullying app.

Swanty, which is publicly traded under their parent company WorldFlix, Inc. ( OTCMKTS:WRFX), is a “Launcher app,” which means, it takes over the phone and all other apps and software that control location, data transfer and communication, are forced to run through it.
For the first time ever, parents will have TOTAL CONTROL over what is downloaded, shared, browsed, tracked, or mapped on their child’s phone. If the child attempts to uninstall Swantry, the parent or monitor will be immediately notified and have the ability to lock the child’s phone while still being able to monitor location and other data from the phone.

To fight this new form of cyber bullying, Swantry is launching their mobile app to give parents, and school administrators, the power to monitor if one of their kids, or students, is being bullied online. Swantry new mobile app gives parents and schools to ability to detect and cut off potential cyberbullying cases before they get to point where it becomes harmful to the bullied child.

Trading at just $0.0002 per share, WRFX stock could be in a prime position to benefit from this becoming a core cause of the First lady, and in the media, and could set the stage for much higher trader interest in the weeks and months to come.

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About WorldFlix, Inc.

WorldFlix, Inc. (WRFX) operates in a variety of niche businesses. App Farm-platform for acquiring, developing, and growing niche apps for mobile and tablet devices. Drobbits-interactive platform that allows users to create, play, and monetize their own video games. Swantry-a military-grade, triple encrypted, launcher app that allows parents to ensure their child is safe on their mobile device. Lastly, WorldFlix Entertainment Management is the company’s television and movie development and management business. For more information on WorldFlix, Inc. (OTC PINK: WRFX), please visitwww.worldflix.co

Swantry’s Primary Features Include:

1. Safe socialization: Set a list of trusted contacts together with your child and you don’t need to worry about who they chat with or who can contact them. Children’s privacy is Swantry’s top priority, so parents naturally can’t see the messages between their children and their trusted friends.
2. Limit app usage: Set a variation of time limits for the respective apps, and block certain apps completely. You can also set different time profiles, which means there’s no playing when it’s time for homework or bedtime.
3. Internet filter: featuring a spectrum of powerful Parental Control filters for the Internet. Based on the age of your child, if required, web-browsing can be blocked completely.
4. Chats: This capability enables group chats with the potential to incorporate the whole family, with video capability of up to 4 people.
5. Geo-fencing: This indispensable feature enables the instant location of a missing device or child on a map, empowering parents to set boundaries for children where they can travel safely and how far they shouldn’t go.
6. Curfew: This traditional and important condition meets simplified accountability, as both the parent and the child can exercise notification options when the appointed time approaches.
7. Integrated Design: Following installation, a device can be set on “Child mode” enabling children to utilize it freely. Swantry’s safety nets deliver reassurance and peace of mind